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KMV-Double Column Machining CenterĀ 

Fixed Beam Type

22P / 32P / 42P / 52P / 62P/ 3225/ 4225 / 5225 / 6225

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Vertical Bridge Mills


  • The Z axis is built with tough cast iron box construction designed for heavy loads and analyzed for internal stress, also reinforced with rugged internal rib support.
  • Ultra wide ladder type cross beam with dual LM linear guide ways ensures rigidity of the spindle and wards off tilting.
  • Both X and Y axes are equipped with high precision heavy duty LM guide ways.
  • The standard integrated direct drive spindle employs two pairs of ultra-precision taper roller bearings with oil chiller cooling system. Long nose spindles are available as per customer requirements.
  • All three axes adopt pretension super precision hollow core ball screws integrated with a flow- through pressurized coolant system for constant cooling.
  • The disc type system is fast and compact. Arm movement is smooth with excellent repeatability. Tool change time is 2.5 seconds (CT50 / CT40).
  • Dual screw type chain driven chip conveyers eliminate debris efficiently.
  • Every machine undergoes parameter laser testing and fine tuning before shipment. Each comes with its own certificate of laser testing.
  • The Z axis is balanced with Nitrogen in conjunction with dual pneumatic cylinders Nitrogen cushioning of the headstock for automatic balancing during vertical motion.
  • The multi-speed spindle is matched with top quality German-built Z.F. dual section gear box. Fully sealed immersion type lubrication with oil chiller circulates coolant and keeps the machine running cool.
  • The control panel positioning is adjustable so that operators get the most advantageous viewpoint throughout various stages of processing.
  • Sizes available from ( 1800~2500 )mm by ( 2200~6200)mm.